İstanbul and Diyarbakır Stationery Activities

There are moments in life that bring happiness, leave lasting impressions, such as finally getting the superhero-themed school bag you've always dreamed of.

Some can’t wait to put it on their backs all the way home, others can't sit still in anticipation until it's their turn, some express their joy by hugging the volunteer sister handing out the bags, and many more...

Children living in households where economic constraints prevent them from experiencing the excitement of going to school, or where there is no one to support due to disability or illness, need assistance to continue their education.

With the support of our volunteers and the generosity of donors, we have provided support to hundreds of children's needs for school bags, stationery supplies, and school uniforms by going door-to-door in neighborhoods affected by the earthquake in Diyarbakır and in Istanbul. Their smiles have warmed our hearts.

In Istanbul, we have delivered bags and stationery sets to 481 children, uniforms to 222 children, and in Diyarbakır, we have reached 250 children and provided them with bags and stationery sets.

We continue to work so that financial constraints do not stand in the way of children's dreams.