Favor Stands

  • 10.11.2018

Favor Bag that started with Bookmarker Project in 2011, until today conduced to built orphanage and school at Malavi, Patani and Bangladesh, this time it is being hope for children in Arakan. With the products acquired in return for the donation, you can have hundreds of unique products in 15 categories and you can be a smile of orphans and children in need.

For this purpose, with the efforts of our voluntary university students friends, Favor Stands continuing to be opened in various universities and events.  This month Our Favor Bags products took part at  the stands via our volunteers in Ankara Design Bazaar and Ataturk University Sociology Society.
When our volunteers and donors had products like  books, bookmarks, cups; also they donated projects that conduced to smiles of children.

If you would like to be hope for children with opening a stand with Favor Bag products you can contact our foundation from 0212 807 07 09 or you can send an email to

To examine our Favor Bag products more closely: