Become an Education Volunteer!

    • 07.09.2020
    Kardeşlik Bağı eğitim, sosyal destek ve rehberlik projemizde mülteci çocuklarla tebessümünü paylaşacak gönüllüler arıyoruz. See Details

    Bayramlık Vakti

    • 15.05.2020
    • Haber
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    Ramadan Studies

    • 21.04.2020
    • İnformation
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    Hygiene Package Distributions

    • 18.03.2020
    • Aid Campaign

    With your donations, we deliver hygiene packages and food cards to the homes of orphans and children in need.

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    Covid-19 Measures

    • 17.03.2020
    • İnformation

    Due to the epidemic situation we are in, we will continue our activities outside the office for a while in order to take precautions.

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    Invitation to Education

    • 25.09.2019
    • Etkinlik
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    Become an Education Volunteer!

    • 29.08.2019
    • Duyuru

    Fraternity Bond Project is an action for education, social support and guidance of refugee children. The principal purpose of this project is establishing a bond between volunteers and Syrian children who lived traumatic things like war, immigration, social exclusion etc and making positive progress in children’s life psychologically, socially and academically through this bond’s curative effect. First Stage of the Project will be run at between February 2019 and Jun 2019.

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    4.İftar with Children

    • 26.05.2019
    • İftar with Children
    We were all together with almost 400 people who are children, their parents and the volunteers on Iyilikhane’s ritualized Iftar organization. See Details