We hosted more than 40 volunteers in Iyilikhane during our volunteer meetings held on October 10 and October 22, 2018. We met our friends who volunteered for the first time at the meeting; We shared the story of Iyilikhane, our work areas and the activities that most needed volunteer support. We consulted on what each of our volunteers can do to make children smile. We talked to our volunteers about what they can do to spread the goodness in their environment.

Also, at the end of the meetings, a group of our volunteers started working to support the Arakan Children's Center Construction Project by creating a page called "Vesile Kitap" on social media. We thank them on behalf of the Rohingya children and congratulate them for their good intentions and perseverance.

You can also contact us via 02128070709 and visit our association center in Istanbul-Fatih to talk about kindness and discuss what we can do together, individually or with your friends. You can request a program for group meetings.